Large variety of handmade artisan bar soaps and shampoo bars using natural and organic ingredients.  Many options to choose from: scented with pure essential oils, scented with phthalate-free fragrance, or no added scents.  Most take on the natural colors of botanical ingredients such as powdered plants and/or herbal oil infusions and some are colored with or topped with micas (natural minerals).  Vegetarian and Vegan soaps and shampoo bars available as well.  None of the soaps use Palm Oil.  Never tested on animals.

Since these strange soaps & shampoo bars are handmade products - meaning created completely from scratch and cut by hand - there will be some variation in the way they look, their size, and their weight: this is what makes them unique little practical artworks.

To get the most out of your soap, store the sealed soap in a dry, dark place.  Between uses, keep the soap away from direct streams of water and away from where water may form pools: like a high shelf in the shower or the corner of the bath that stays dry (rather than a spot that gets a lot of water).  

Handmade Natural Artisan Organic Soaps and Shampoo Bars


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